Sylvax The Ancient Protector

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Sylvax The Ancient Protector, the revered ancient guardian of the forest, manifests as a magnificent dragon-like creature, exuding an aura of majestic grandeur befitting its role. With a form reminiscent of a colossal forest dragon, Sylvax captivates the beholder's gaze. Its scales, adorned in a mosaic of intricate patterns, flawlessly mimic the vibrant hues and textures of leaves and oak bark, creating a seamless fusion with the natural tapestry that envelops it. Such is the harmonious integration of Sylvax within its environment that it becomes an ethereal embodiment of the very essence of the forest. As the avatar of nature itself, Sylvax possesses a profound connection to the life force that animates the woodland realm. It wields a gift of unparalleled magnitude, bestowed upon its razor-sharp claws. With a gentle touch, Sylvax's claws possess the miraculous ability to mend the wounded, to breathe vitality into the ailing bodies of creatures, and to rejuvenate the withered and decaying bark, bestowing upon it newfound vibrancy. It is through this extraordinary power that Sylvax becomes the arbiter of life's delicate balance, safeguarding the thriving ecosystems that dwell within its forested domain.

Yet, those who dare to threaten the sanctuary of the forest, to disrupt the tranquil equilibrium that Sylvax vigilantly preserves, find themselves facing the full brunt of its feral fury. With untamed wrath, Sylvax unleashes its primal might upon these interlopers, its wrath manifested in tempestuous winds, roaring flames, and thunderous roars that resonate through the ancient trees. Its potent defenses rise to defend the sanctity of its woodland abode, leaving no doubt that Sylvax is an unyielding and resolute guardian. Though the corporeal vessel that houses Sylvax's essence can be subjected to destruction, its immortal spirit remains indomitably interwoven with the very fabric of the forest. Inevitably, Sylvax's essence endures, ever watchful and unwavering, ensuring that the cycle of its eternal return persists. It stands ready to confront and vanquish those who oppose the harmonious coexistence of all life within the embrace of nature's benevolence. Thus, Sylvax stands as the embodiment of ancient wisdom, a testament to the enduring power and resilience of the forest. It commands reverence and adoration from the woodland creatures, who perceive it as a deity deserving their devout worship. With each passing age, Sylvax's legend grows, whispered among the trees and carried on the gentle rustle of leaves, a reminder of the eternal bond between the guardian and the enchanted realm it fiercely protects.

The miniature comprises 34 resin components and it fits on a 165mm base. Printed and assembled model is 13.75 inches (34cm) tall. 

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly and cleaning – we recommend using Cyanoacrylate Glue. 

Resin base is attached to the box.

Multipart kit allows to assemble models with components like: 
The right hand empty or with a dwarf corpse.

The tree might contain just a hollow, or a squirrel inside.

Bob the Frog is a separate element. 

Our 3D printing workshop features state-of-the-art equipment, including top-tier Elegoo printers, complemented by the finest 8k resins to produce top-end miniatures with amazing detail.

AGE 16+. WARNING. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components.

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